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ORO Iron Guzzler, Iron and water softener combo.

ORO Iron Guzzler

Control head main features :

  •  Electronic U.S. made control valve from Clack,  a leader in the manufacture and distribution of water treatment products for more than 70 years.
  • Easy interface that displays time of day, gallons remaining and gallons going trough.
  • Regeneration initiated by consumption instead of elapsed time.
  • Coin cell lithium battery backup.
  • Low energy 12-volt power supply.
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372.

Lifetime warranty

 All O.R.O. Iron Guzzlers have our lifetime warranty so you will never have to buy another softener again. 

The best solution to remove high contents of Iron contaminants.

No need to buy an Iron removal machine AND a water softener. The Iron Guzzler can do BOTH !

High Quality U.S. Made Resin

Resin that's made to last

The premium high quality resin  used in our Iron Guzzlers. Better resin means a longer lasting media bed and better efficiency. Poor quality resin can break down faster leaving you with the choice either to endure your soap and scale build up or to replace the unit.  

This premium resin uses less salt, can remove iron and soften at the same time, is more resistant to oxidation and requires shorter regeneration cycles. It is 100% non-solvent.  

It meets NSF/ANSI-61 requirements for International Standard for Drinking Water Additives and supports ISO 14001 initiatives toward environmental management and impact.

High quality resin for better performance
High quality resin for better performance

Custom made for your home and family

 Your home and family is unique ! Big brands water treatment machines that are manufactured in an assembly line under the "One size fits all" are not always the best solution for you. That's why each of our softeners are custom made after a careful water and household analysis.