Pierre and Lucie, 3926 County Road 20, Apple Hill.

A solution for all your water problems

Free water test and estimate

Have your water tested for hardness, iron, manganese, tannin colored water, sulfur, iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria TDS, PH.  We can also help for your e-coli and bacteria test.

Water system repairs

Repairs and parts for water treatment systems like Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, Kinetico, Hague, Elite, Novo, Duro, Watergroup and more.

Water system installation

We install and sell water softeners, Iron and or sulfur removal systems, Residential and commercial reverse osmosis, filtration systems, water conditioners, pressure tanks, dechlorinators, UV lights.

Annual maintenance program

Don't think about your maintenance, our service department will call you for an appointment to ensure that your water is always the best.

Hydrogen peroxide / Chlorine

Buy in store or call for delivery and refill. Hydrogen peroxide available in 11.5%, 18% and 35%. Chlorine available in 12%.

Low pressure

Pressure tank replacement, filter replacement, clogged pipes cleaning.