Pierre and Lucie, 3926 County Road 20, Apple Hill.

Our team

Owned by husband-and-wife team, Pierre and Lucie Julien

 Systemes O.R.O. Systems Inc. has a long-established history of providing exemplary customer care since 1998 (water treatment systems). In 2013, the Juliens’ purchased the business and are dedicated to continuing to build upon its reputation for top-notch testing, installation and servicing specifically designed to meet client needs and budgets.

Standing by the slogan of the “competition will sell you a water system, but we have the solution", they encourage those interested in improving their water systems to do their research. By all means, check out the competition, both near and far, but don’t overlook including local businesses and you’ll be most pleasantly surprised. 

Pierre, Lucie and their team of qualified professionals will go to wherever your water treatment need is situated throughout eastern Ontario and western Quebec. They know their customers by name and you’re never just a number with them: whether your residence is nestled among the farmlands, or if your commercial property is on a bustling thoroughfare, it’s the customer who comes first with Systemes O.R.O. Systems Inc. 

We recognize that each customer has unique needs to be met. It’s because of this desire to fulfill these needs that you won’t find Systemes O.R.O. Systems Inc. providing generic quotes over the telephone. The Juliens’ stand by this philosophy and offer complimentary water testing before discussing options and estimates with customers.

Residential and commercial customers will be pleased with the services provided by Systemes O.R.O. Systems Inc. These include: Water treatment system, water testing,  Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System,  Iron Guzzler, Sulfur and Iron Removal System,  Ultraviolet Disinfection System, sediment filters and water conditioners.

ORO Service, repairs and installs
ORO Service, repairs and installs